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I recently stumbled upon gource, an amazing tool for visualising the history of commits made to a project (e.g. git, svn etc.). A video of commits to the Linux Kernel inspired me to have a go at making my own version for our main work project

To make the video, I needed to install gource and ffmpeg ,which I did via brew:

Once installed, I changed directory to the folder where I had my old work project ( git ), and subsequently first ran this command to create the visualisation of our…

There are no surprises that AWS and other companies want people to use and move over to serverless computing. There are many advantages, particularly for small companies and independent researchers (like myself), to take advantage of and learn about.

I used AWS’s tutorials to build a simple python hello-world script and run it as an AWS Lambda…

To follow what I did, you will need to have signed up to (at least) and aws free account. And have the aws command line client installed and configured with your own credentials on your machine. …

Storing data in a clean efficient way is key to any analysis, no matter what the data is. It’s time that certain organisations and more people moved away from keeping data in horrible excel files.

In this article I will show you how to get, wrangle and store deprivation data obtained from in a NoSQL database — mongodb , teaching you something basic about this data and modern databases!

You’ll need some experience with using the terminal and python to be able to follow this article — don’t be afraid to learn!

They don’t make it easy…

When looking for UK data from a…

This three part series will explain how a very specific type of supersymmetry was not found (yet! [or yet again!] ) by the ATLAS experiment on LHC at CERN.

In 2019 the ATLAS collaboration published a paper¹ on searches for pair-produced sbottom quarks (supersymmetric partner of the bottom quark). Soon after the original publication of the analysis, ATLAS also published a supplementary note² — detailing how the mathematical Likelihood of the analysis is built and how it can be reproduced.

The ATLAS detector is an experiment designed to record and analyse the collisions from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at…

Calum Macdonald

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